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Godrej AC Repair & Service

Designed by ‘Curiosity’, Godrej has always reserved the parameters to go beyond consumer service that is consumer bonding. Christened to ‘SmartCare’, Godrej appliances when they befriends with your home, it takes care of answering all the problems if it requires repairing and other maintenance for a better living.

Godrej covers a broad range of appliances including air conditioners and refrigerators. Established as a brand DNA in the market, it offers unwavering services and repair solutions. AC services come with Energy saving tips and ‘Appliance protection plan’. Take the easy route for service and repair even if your AC or any other appliance is more than 5 years as Godrej offers trained technicians with proper training sessions.

A vital role of ensuring to give your room fresh air, air conditioners can be taken an extra care and you can also take care of AC by doing various tasks. Ensure that you have right air filters and clean them properly; take care of the coils and straighten the fins and also take a look at the window seal.

We offer you smart way of services, support and repair for your Godrej AC appliance. You can also register a service call for immediate problem solving.

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