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Kenstar AC Repair & Service

Kenstar is a company providing home appliances to the customers. Kenstar Company was launched in 1996 and in a very less time it has made a rapid progress leaving other companies behind. Kenstar provides products like televisions, home appliances like microwave, juicer, mixture grinder etc. It also provides products like air coolers and AC (air conditioners).

Kenstar provides Window AC and split AC with multiple benefits and long time warrantee. Unlike other brands Kenstar offers more services to its customers in terms of service guarantee and warrantee. Though Kenstar AC are bit expensive as compared to other brand AC but in terms of functioning and working Kenstar AC is more preferred.

When it comes to services of Kenstar AC it is done in a legal manner with proper terms and conditions. No fault is occurred and the service is done in a smooth manner. Every legal norm is followed s that no complaint is filed and if any complaint is filed strict actions are taken so that the customer is satisfied with the services. Kenstar AC service stations are many and the customer care number is open for 24 hours. Even if the problem is minor it is considered and resolved.

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