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Mitsubishi AC Repair & Service

Mitsubishi is a global player in the electronics industry. Their wide range of products includes factory automation services, Air conditioning services and visual information system services. They also provide you with semiconductor and other devices and transportation facilities.

Air conditioning systems provided by the company boasts of sleek products like City Multi Ac’s and Jet towels. The innovative and high end air conditioning products have successfully enchanted the Indian consumer.

With their technical offices spread across the country providing repair & maintenance services, the brand ensures the customer has a hassle free purchase and usage experience. The official website of the company links a user directly to their enquiry desk where repair & maintenance enquiries can be made. The repair service is included in the after purchase service. Repair enquiries can also be made at one of their technical offices situated at Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

Being a global player, the company ensures smooth repairs and renewal of their products in a timely and cost effective manner. With positive reviews from the past and current customers combined with word of mouth and advertising efforts, the brand is on the verge of a cool breakthrough in the Indian Air conditioning market.

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