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Videocon Washing Machine Service

The Videocon washing machine is designed to perfection, with specified models and features that makes every single person attracted towards its uniqueness. Videocon is a well known and old brand in the market, hence it is reliable. But being a machine, it is prone to damage other than its performance. Its machinery assembly may get damaged after a long usage.

Damages and repair done by us:-

The common problems that arise with the washing machine is with the spin tub and the pastor, due to regularly work out the spin tub and the pastor gets damaged and even due to this the spin tub stops rotating properly and produces a sound. Sometime other problems like power circuit problems also arise and the power cord gets damaged that need to get repaired.
Our workshop provides with perfect repair services that is employed with latest technology and experienced team of persons to help monitor the aspects of services to ensure a superior performance.

The machine is associated with customized washing technology and is soft on clothes. There is a technology called tilt drum technology that keeps the balance with the posture for convenient loading and unloading of clothes. So this machine needs a service every 4 months to check the system and the service is also available in warranty period with a call, when our worker will be there to check the machine.

Our expert team checks each and every part and deliver you the best.