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Always thinking of you and your comfort, Electrolux has been waving itself on the platform of technology. Electrolux refrigerators with fridge and freezers are designed with mind-blowing features to keep your food fresh all the time. It offers exceptional food storage solutions, innovative features, stylish designs and world class energy efficiency that make your kitchen much smarter than before. Our regular services from taking care of installation to mending frosting issues, we always come forward to help for any sort of maintenance and repair of your Electrolux fridge according to its standards and settings.

With more than 90 years of experience in the professional appliance industry, Electrolux has offered comprehensive range of products related to refrigerators meeting the real needs of consumers. That is what we also keep the same attitude and offer real time maintenance, installation and repairing services to your Electrolux refrigerator. From colours classic stainless steel to striking black, we also mend the colour issues as well. Since Videocon comes with thoughtfully designed products, we offer much more thoughts to offer services with confidence to make your summer go perfect.

We are efficient enough to understand every model of Electrolux fridge and thus offer shared support and services.