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It is a very common behavior that you get very paranoid when you facing problems with your fridge. Your fridge is a very important appliance that keeps your food fresh at max for 2 days. But what if your fridge is facing problem to give the service that is required. Hitachi is offering you with best services that you need in order to keep your fridge working for a longer time.

You often face problems related to fridge when your appliance is facing a voltage problem. The very common problem that is caused by the fridge is water leakage, defrostation, cooling is weak and many more problems. All these problems are general and we provide services for all these problems.

We have service centers and even a toll free number. We provide with free services for about 6 months and best service engineers are appointed. We also provide you with home services and even a warrantee card and service card is provided so that you and our company have a record of the services that is given to you. You will be assisted immediately as we register your complain and action will be taken to solve your problem.