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Onida Washing Machine Service

Onida provides a set of fully automatic washing machines that are built with unique features of in- built brush to give clothes a good wash and even hand wash technology, it also provide with a semi automatic variant that are convenient in use and handling.

Our Onida washing machine repair service

The most informed issue that arises is related to water leakage and rising of water into the water tub. As the water level switch or the pressure switch senses the water level in the wash tub, the plastic that is attached to the control console down to the side of the outer tub near the bottom and the tube that is filled with air gets filled with water and sometime this gets deviated and leads to damage other parts as well. There is a defective pressure switch that can create interference with the cycles and when the water is filled, it sometimes gets interrupted and results in under a filling or overfilling of the tube resulting in the damage. Then the damages can be even noted in the air tubes which can break or damage and the tests for switches should be done properly. The rotator wheel which sometimes gets jammed or corroded from inside and create damages.

We fix all damages faced in washing machine by our expert team.